raedkaer solutions changed name to mechalution

raedkaer solutions ¬†changed name to mechalution. This is in recognition of the pronunciation of “raedkaer” has been difficult to both Danish and foreign contacts, which has over time given some misunderstandings.

mechalution identifies a better corporate identity, more focus on what needs are mainly covered;

developed mechanical solutions

There is no immediate changes to services etc, core competencies are stil:

  • Concept development of mechanical designs
  • Detailed development of mechanical designs
  • Development of mechatronic devices
  • Sheet metal designs
  • Sourcing of tooling, parts and prototypes form China

mechalution continue with the same company registration number, so company is all the same, just with new name.

A new email adress are now used: crn@mechalution.com

Do you have an upcoming project that requires mechanical skills, or perhaps looking for suppliers for tools etc, please contact +4520954466, and let’s discuss how to cross the finish line with your project.


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